LED Lights

You may be aware of the recent ban on halogen light bulbs across Europe that came into effect on September 1st of this year.
What this means is that halogen light bulbs will no longer be sold across the continent in an effort to reduce emissions and energy bills.

Dont worry as you will not be fined or punished for any existing halogen lights however as they are being phased out and now almost impossible to purchase,
one should consider LED replacements.

Many lights have the easy to change Edison screw or bayonet cap style lamps, but the halogen down lights aka spotlights are not so straight forward to swap over.

The switch to led lighting can be a bit of a headache to homeowners, some worry about the colour options, dimming, and light output. We would be happy to discuss the options with you.

The change over can be costly, however the large savings made on the electrical bill will cover the cost of the change over in just a few years.

For example the standard halogen spot light uses 50watts whereas the new led would only consume 5watts, saving 90 percent, when multiplied across the total amount of these in a property the savings can be clearly seen.

Further advantages are the no maintenance costs especially for your rental properties.

We offer free quotations on all our work and Led lighting conversions and would be happy to advise and reassure you to make this change over an easy transition for your property.

With winter now approaching electricity consumption will be at its highest, why not start saving now.

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